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Vol. 10 No. 2 (2024): IJCESEN
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Published: 2024-04-29

Research Article

  • A novel approach for Technetium-99m radioisotope transportation and storage in lead-free glass containers: A comprehensive assessment through Monte Carlo simulation technique

    Duygu Şen BAYKAL
  • Effect of predicted lung mass versus fixed mass regimes on lung dose in SIRT (90Y)

    Mohammad ABUQBEITAH, Mustafa DEMİR
  • Examinationof the Highway Between Isparta-Ağlasun (Burdur) in Terms of Mass Movement SusceptibilityGeographic Information Systems

    Kerem HEPDENİZ, İ.İskender SOYASLAN
  • Predicting Diabetes Disease Using Data Mining Classification Algorithms and Comparison of Algorithm Performances

    Seher ARSLANKAYA, Gülsüm Saltan YAŞLI
  • Gamma ray Shielding Properties of the 57.6TeO2-38.4ZnO-4NiO system

    Nuray KUTU
  • Fe modeling of shock waves

    Naim Syla, Bashkim Dalipi, Fisnik Aliaj, Dhurata Syla
  • In Traditional Greenhouses A field Research in Terms of Occupational Health and Safety (Antalya Example)

    Ahmet ÇOŞGUN, murad ÇANAKÇI
  • Atmospheric plasma treatment effect on shear strength of GFRP-Aluminum adhesively bonded lap joints

    Asil AYAZ, Gizem Dilara OZDEMİR, Utku Kurşat ERCAN, Kutlay SEVER, Nazik KORKUT

Review Article

  • A Review of Metaheuristic Optimization Techniques in Text Classification

    Cem Kaya, Zeynep Hilal Kilimci, Mitat Uysal, Murat Kaya
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