The Effect of Parametric Design on the Reconstruction of Cultures within the Context of Jakobson's Communication Model



parametric design, culture, jakobson, communication model


The aim of this study is to examine the effect of parametric design on cultural architectural works within the framework of Roman Jakobson's model of communication. The study will focus on how the use of parametric design is handled as a source of form in contemporary architecture, how it affects the way cultural buildings are perceived and how they communicate their cultural significance. In addition, the other aim of the research is to examine how social culture and architecture, which are both means of communication, can be re-established in a contemporary way through parametric design. Within the framework of Jakobson's communication model, the relationship between the five functions of communication and architecture will be analysed, and then the relation between this relationship and parametric design will be established. In this context, the cultural impact of parametric design will also be examined around four of the five basic functions of Jakobson's communication model, and how parametric design contributes to the process of cultural communication and message creation will be discussed. The research methodology includes a literature review on parametric design, cultural constructs and Jakobson's communication model. In addition, a case study approach will be used to examine the impact of parametric design on the cultural architectures of societies. In this context, "Sunac Guangzhou Theatre" from China, which reconsiders its ancient culture shaped by geography with western culture through contemporary architecture, will be taken as a sample building. The use of parametric design tools will be analysed in the creation of the design concept and cultural quality of the building. In the conclusion and evaluation section, the evaluation of the cultural impact of parametric design through Jakobson's communication model will be evaluated through a table, and the positive contributions of parametric design to the cultural visions of societies in contemporary form will be summarised.





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